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Dhanadhivasa Mahotsavam

(Immersion in WEALTH)

Shri Kalyana Anjeneya / Shri Hanuman


Shri Mata Kanikaparameswari Devi

 Thursday, JANUARY 1st 2015. 11.00 am onwards

 Program details:

11.00 am -  ‘DHANADIVAS’ Pooja

1.30 pm: Archana, Arati & Prasadam

6.00 pm: Special Bhajans / Music Concert.

7.30 pm: Arati & Prasadam


The sponsorship of 'Dhan-Adhivas': (All based on first come first basis).

Mukhya Yajaman: $251.00 : Participate in the Homa / Pooja and Offering of Dhana

Saha Yejaman: $101.00 : Only Sankalpa and Offering of Dhana

Yejaman: $51.00 : Only Offering of Dhana 

(The ‘Adhivasa” Dhana will be given as a prasad to the devotees for Peace, health & wealth during the Prathistapana Celebtation in Feb 2015)

 As per our ‘Shastras’ Participating in ‘Adhivas’ is an Unique Opportunity one get, once in 12 years, On such participation, each get the benefit of being blessed with good health, Manah Shanthi, Bhoomi Prapthi (aquire propert) Vidhya Prapthi, Putra Bhagya, Vyapara Yoga & Runaharam (Business opportunity & depth free), Shatru & Roga Nivarthi (victory by  enemies & removes disease) and sarva Aishwaryam & Vijaya Prapti  (Wealth & Victory)  

        Pranaprathista of Shri Kalyana Anjeneya /

Hanuman and Sri Mata Kanikaparameswari is scheduled for

20, 21 & 22nd FEBRUARY 2015.

 For all Sponsorship & Registration, 

Pl Contact Temple Office: 718 740 9400


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