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Ayushya Homam


Ayush Homam is performed for getting a healthy long life i.e. for rejuvenation, vitality and longevity. It is believed that Ayush Homam rejuvenates you, restores vitality, paves the way for a healthy living and gives you a long life.
Ayush Homa is done for worshipping the Gods and Goddesses of Life i.e. Auyr Devathas, so that one can gets the blessings which makes him or her "Ayusman" or " Ayusmati" i.e. person with long life. It is said that the ancient sage Bhodhyana explains the significance of Ayush Homam in his Bhodhyana Sutras. The great Sage Bhodhyana who is believed to be the direct disciple of 'Maha Rishi Vedavyas', explained in his Bhodhyana Sutras the significance of Ayush Homam by which a person may get a long and healthy life.

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